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There are many different ways that you can help support Txoko Ona, future generations and leave a legacy. Memorial plaques and paver bricks are a great way to do so. 

Memorial Plaques | Omenaldiko Plaka

Many of our members, along with their family and friends, acknowledge the passing of a loved one by purchasing a memorial plaque in their honor. Plaques are a great way to celebrate the life of that person and their involvement with Txoko Ona.

Plaques are displayed in the foyer of the Txoko Ona building.

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Paver Bricks | Omenaldiko Adreilau

Many of our members purchase paver bricks to leave their legacy and support of Txoko Ona. Paver bricks feature the supporting family’s name and are set in the front walkway of the building. As you enter Txoko Ona you can see the many names of members past and present.

In lieu of a plaque or brick a monetary donation may be made in honor of a loved one.

Download Paver Brick Form


*Order forms may be submitted electronically on the Contact Us page. Payment may be submitted here or by mail with your application form to the PO box address listed on the Contact Us page.

For more information about Txoko Ona, contact us.

Memorial Plaque

Paver Brick