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Mission & Purpose

"Txoko Ona is a social organization to preserve, promote and enhance Basque culture, language and history and to maintain and promote cultural, social and economic ties with the Basque Country, its people, history, language and culture.” -Txoko Ona Bylaws

Who Are the Basques? | Nortzuk Dira Euskaldunak?

The Basques are a European people whose homeland is the westernmost part of the Pyrenees Mountains and the immediately surrounding regions. This area comprises four provinces in Spain and three provinces in the department of Pyrenees-Atlantique in France. Known as Vascos in Spain and Basques in France, the Basques call their homeland “Euskadi.” They call themselves “Euskaldunak” and their language “Euskara.”

About The Name | Izenari Buruz

"Txoko Ona," because it is describing what it means not about the club itself. Txoko Ona (pronounced CHO-ko O-na) literally means “good corner” in Euskara. “Txoko” refers to a gastronomical society, which are both numerous and popular in Basque culture. These societies consist of friends and families who enjoy meeting to cook and share good food. The txoko itself is usually a moderately sized building with excellent cooking facilities. When the time comes to host a party or gather for a celebration, the txoko is the preferred location.

Txoko Ona Membership | Txoko Ona Elkartekidea

Txoko Ona membership is available to anyone that qualifies. Those who qualify  for membership include persons of Basque extraction, persons of partial Basque extraction or anyone married to someone of either group. Members and their dependent children enjoy all the rights and privileges offered by Txoko Ona. 

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