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Txoko Ona Berriak | April 2019 - Volume 57

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2019 Txoko Ona Udaleku Scholarship Application

Txoko Ona has given over $8,000 in scholarships to memebers to help offset the cost of attending Udaleku. 

It has been great to see how much Txoko Ona member's children have enjoyed attending Udaleku over the years. Attendees get to learn about their Basque heritage while makeing life long memorie and friends. If your child plans to attend Udaleku this summer we invite you to please submit this years scholarship application.

Herribatza Dantzariak 2018/2019 Sign Up

Herribatza Danzariak is great way for your children to learn more about their Basque heritage! 

Txoko Ona Berriak | September 2018 - Volume 54

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Txoko Ona Berriak | May 2018 - Volume 53

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Txoko Ona Berriak | February 2018 - Volume 52

Stay up to date on what is happening with Txoko Ona and the local Basque community with the Txoko Ona Barriak. 

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Txoko Ona Berriak | September 2017 - Volume 50


Herribatza Dantzariak Sign Up 

Mus Tournament

Fall Dinner 

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Visitors from the Basque Country

On Thursday, July 27, the Txoko Ona Board of Directors was very fortunate to host dinner for visitors from the Basque Country.

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