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Ongi Etorri!

Txoko Ona is non-profit, non-political organization located in Homedale, Idaho. We work to unite local Basques and preserve our heritage through educational opportunities and cultural exploration. We accomplish these goals thanks to the support of our members. We also cooperate with other Basque Centers (Euskal Etxeak) and the Basque Government (Eusko Jaurlaritza).

Txoko Ona literally means “good corner.” That’s what we have in our building. Txoko Ona serves not only as a gathering place for communal events but also as a museum of sorts. We host several large display cases purchased by Basque families in the area. These cases display artifacts from each family’s lineage and the general history of Basques who arrived from Europe and settled in the area.

History and heritage are truly woven into Txoko Ona through the support of our community and our members.

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