Membership | Txoko Ona Elkartekidea


Eligibility | Eskubidea

Those qualified for membership include all persons of total or partial Basque extraction and their spouses. Members and their dependent children enjoy all the rights and privileges of the organization.

Benefits | Onurak

Becoming a Txoko Ona member has many benefits. Members receive:


  • Rights to rent and use facilities
  • Ability to participate in activities and events
  • Educational opportunities
  • Cultural opportunities
  • Language Studies
  • Lectures & Workshops

Dues | Zorra

Txoko Ona membership dues are collected annually. Proceeds from dues help support building maintenance and upgrades, education opportunities, events and other membership benefits.

Lifetime Memberships | Betiko Elkartekidea

For more information about lifetime memberships benefits and pricing, please submit your information on the Contact Us page.

*Download a membership application by clicking the button below. Applications may be submitted electronically on the Contact Us page. Payment may be submitted here or by mail with your application form to the PO box address listed on the Contact Us page.


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